Xicor by alessandelpho




1/2 Saiyan 1/2 Kai




Western Supreme Kai


Gohan Goten

Niece(s) and Nephew(s)

Pan Unknown

Xicor is the evil son of Goku and Western Supreme Kai. Western Supreme Kai got some of Goku's DNA and gave birth to Xicor. Xicor is supposed as the Ultimate Being. He has powers that surpass Super Saiyan 4. He wants to find his father and rule the entire world.


Xicor landed on Earth with his mother looking for Goku. They didn't know that Goku was in Other World though. Xicor and Western Supreme Kai looked for the highest power level. They tracked Goten and nearly killed him. Gohan showed up on the scene and attack Xicor and his mother. He proved no match for them and transformed into Super Saiyan 4. He still proved no match for their power. Trunks and Vegeta showed up on the scene and were beaten. Goku ended up being brought back with the Dragon Balls. Goku went Super Saiyan 5 and defeated Xicor and Western Supreme Kai. Xicor's last words were "I SHALL RETURN FATHER, I SHALL!!!!!!".

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