Wenda was a mystical thunder goddess of the wiki. She was one of the most powerful among the thunder gods and goddesses. She was able to control thunder and lightning. She also had the power all godesses have, their element changes when their emotion changes. She was the only Goddess who wasn't immortal.

Background Edit


Wenda was born from the God of Rain and the Goddess of Lightning. She was a combination of the 2 elements and became Wenda, The Goddess of Thunder.


Wenda was a thunder prodigy. She had trained every Monday, Wendsday, and Saturday with her mom. She also trained every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday with her dad. She eventually put that training together and trained herself to master thunder.


Wenda was the first woman to master the thunder element, so she was the thunder goddess. She had eventually got married to Zeus Jr., the son of Zeus. They had 2 kids who had died in their late 50s. Ultimately Wenda was murdered by Zeus Jr.'s ex wife.

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