Vextrani (Prounonced: Veks-Tra-Nee) is a ninja. She wears the ninja attire, a black suit that covers everything but her eyes. She is from a family of female ninjas and she promised to continue their legacy after her mother died.



Vextrani had a childhood like the rest of the female ninjas in her family. She had to train for at least 10 hours a day, and then sleep for 14 hours a night, so she had a perfect 24 hour day. Her mother died when she was 13 and she promised her dying mother that she would become a ninja. Vextrani had trained until she was 18, then she became a fully-trained ninja.


Vextrani was a normal adult by day, and a ninja by night. Vextrani had defeated many crimelords, but soon had to take a break. While she was in a battle, she had realized that the one she was fighting, was her the man who killed her mother. Vextrani was then fueled by hatred and revenge, and had killed the man. Then after the battle, the police had found out that Vextrani killed her mother's killer and soon had done everything they could to track her down, they even layed a bounty on his head and she had to go in hiding. After the bounty blew over, she had went back to her normal ninja life.

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