Ultra Curse Mark is the transformed version of the Curse Mark. Sasuke (Taka) made was the first to achieve this transformation. He created it when Orochimaru first gave him the Curse Mark. Sasuke transformed into his Curse Mark Form, and ended up absorbing a clone of Orochimaru. That gave Sasuke this form. He could only stay in this form for so long though. He was the only one to obtain this form though.


The Ultra Curse Mark Form gives the user hair that reaches their feet, the hair color turns Pure Dark Red. They grow 3 tails and 4 hands out of their back. The skin color turns Black and they have a huge X on their face. This form also changes the shirt color, making it the darker color of the old shirt, if the user is wearing a black shirt, they lose the shirt when they transform. The pants color remains the same, and so do the shoes.


This form gives the user extraordinary attacks and Techniques


This form gives the user the ability to grow use the 4 arms to punch and blast out fire. The user can also use their 4 tails to choke the opponent to death. The user also gets a strength boost of 100,000


The user gains the styles of Fire, Lightning, and Wind.

Flight-The Ability to Fly

Fire Chidori-A Fire version of Chidori

Wind Ball Jutsu-A wind version of Fire Ball Jutsu\

Burning Tornado-A Wind and Fire Tornado

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