U-Bots are robots made to patrol The Ultimate City after the defeat of Death, the result of the members of Shadow 5 fusing together. U-Bots have a very advanced chip in them which gives them a major electric-shock if they betray Ultimate. These robots have a high power level, the weakest one at a power level of 20,000.


Version 1Edit

Version 1 of a U-Bot is the weakest. It is also one of the smallest, only at 3 ft. but it weighs the most, it weighs 500,000 lbs. Version 1 has the power to take down Kid Shadow, only coming out with minor damage. Version 1 is the version of a U-Bot with the least likely chance of being controlled because one shock from it's chip is enough to bring it to a near-death state.

Version 2Edit

Version 2 of a U-Bot is the 2nd strongest version. It is also the tallest and weighs the second most coming in at 12 ft. and 100,000 lbs. This U-Bot is used to patrol large portions of the city and if they find any intense evil, they will attack and will not stop until they destroy that source of evil. This version can be operated via remote or with a person inside.

Version 3Edit

Version 3 of a U-Bot is the strongest and 2nd tallest. It also weighs the least so it can take down any form of evil, weighing only 360 lbs. This U-Bot can be controlled via remote and was designed to take down any form of evil. This version was based off of Ultimate and has a power level of 300,000. Version 3 is the most used version of a U-Bot.

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