&nbsp Non-Stop Brutal Destruction is a team attack used by Androids 13, 14, and 15. It can only be activated by 13. First, 13 punches the opponent so hard that he flies of of 13's fist. While the opponent in flying back, Android 13 teleports behind the opponent and roundhouse kicks him or her down the ground. Then, 14 comes in and stomps on the opponent's head for 5 times, and he then kicks the opponent into the air and launches a Murder Ball at them. While the opponent is flying with 14's Murder Ball catching up with them, 15 shows up and lauches his Murder Ball at the opponent and there's a huge explosion. Now with the opponent laying down, dead on the ground, the 3 androids gather together in the air, and they launch multiple ki blasts at the opponent, leaving them with multiple bruises and broken bones. Finally, 13 launches his S.S Deadly Bomber, 14 lauches his Murder Ball, and 15 launches his Murder Ball, and they all hit the enemy at the same time, completely vaporizing their body.

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