Some time prior to the series, Kagura was an ANBU member who had wished to become Tsunade's apprentice, and, hopefully, the Hokage. However, she went rogue and left the village when Tsunade refused to take Kagura as her student, although it was only because of Kagura's lack of compassion for her colleagues. In the time since then, Kagura grew to hate her former village and remained cold and uncaring for the well-being of other people.

Kagura wore a revealing red outfit, showing her midriff, arms and legs, with her white hair tied back by a multicolored rope with bells attached to it. When seen up close her eyes are revealed to be an ice blue color. She had multiple tattoos that resemble flower petals on the left side of her face and midriff as well as her left leg. She wears red high heeled sandals. She also kept her old ANBU blade sheathed on the same leg, and sometimes used it to attack, although she preferred to use her knives. Initially, she made use of her old ANBU mask to conceal her identity from those other than her subordinates, but she later discarded it.

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