Jesunis is the mythical God of Acid on this wiki. He is a minor god and has the power to shoot acid from anywhere he pleases. He was born from the ones known as Zeus and Wenda. Before Wenda had married Zeus Jr., she had a child with Zeus, and Jesunis was the child.



Before Jesunis was born, Wenda had engaged into intercourse with Zeus, and was scolded by her parents for it. Wenda did not know she carrying the child Jesunis until she was in labor. She had decided to name the child Jesunis and Zeus learned he had another child.


Jesunis was a very powerful person during childhood. He had learned he was the God of Acid at a very young age and had learned how to harness his power in a simple amount of days. His mother had took a very strong liking towards him and the feeling was mutual, until Jesunis had came upon adulthood. Jesunis was trained mostly by his father and was deeply loved by him. He was known to be a prankster during childhood.


Jesunis had became much more serious as an adult and had learned that his mother and his brother Zeus Jr. had mated, he had taken a strong disliking towards both his mother and his brother. Jesunis had ended up asking his father what he should do, and his father had been angry with Wenda and Zeus Jr. Jesunis had ended up ignoring the fact that his brother and his mother had mated since him and his brother were only half brothers. He had ended up using his powers to destroy his half brother's ex-wife after she killed his mother.

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