Jax was a Clone Cadet
who was part of the Youth Brigade. His brigade commander was Sergeant Crasher and had fellow comrades like Lucky (really Boba Fett), Hotshot, and Whiplash. The cadets were picking on Boba and asked where he came from, and Boba said he left his batch to join this. Jax stopped Hotshot from starting a fight and befriended Boba. Jax was the first cadet to man a turret and failed to hit the saucers that clone gunner Fury sent. Jax was in the same escape pod when Boba ejected it and the Slave I departed. The trio believed themselves to be doomed, until Generals Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker found the cadets. Jax originates from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Universe.

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