First Appearence

Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn



Date of Death

Age 774


Future Janemba (Future Counterpart) Saike Demon (Host)

Janemba is the main antogonist of Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn.

Janemba is a denom of pure evil and great power created when a teenage ogre, also known as the Saike Demon, who was responsible for watching the Soul Cleansing in Hell slacked off, and the cleanser exploded as a result of the ogre's carelessness. The evil formed around him to create a giant, yellow, and childlike being that turns Hell into his own paradise. He then transforms into his 2nd form, known as Super Janemba, after Goku defeats regular Janemba in his SSJ3 form. Vegeta, then shows up, trying to take on the demon, but he is outclassed. Eventually, Goku and Vegeta find out that the only way to defeat Janemba is to fuse, as they fused into Gogeta, and used the Stardust Breaker technique to ultimately kill Janemba, turning him back into the teenage ogre.

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