Iron Maniac

The world of Tony Stark of Earth-5012 was ravaged in a war with Titannus. Many heroes dead as a result. He was obsessed with returning to his homeworld.

The Fantastic Four and Dr. Strange confronted who they thought to be the returning Dr. Doom. However, he seemed surprised that they were all alive, and revealed himself to be Tony Stark.

Posing as the real Iron Man, he obtained a number of devices and planned to use the mutant Paul Patterson to power a portal.

The unlikely duo of Spider-Man and X-23 assisted Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) in stopping him.

Stark was placed in SHIELD custody alongside the LMD of Diamondack. His body somehow adapted to the sedatives used. He attacked the agents watching him, then activated the LMD, coercing it to help. He then took her apart to build himself a new suit of armor.

With the new armor he went on a rampage, taking on the New Avengers. Freedom Ring and Crusader (Skrull) also responded. Freedom Ring and Captain America were able to defeat him at the cost of Freedom Ring's life.

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