Gotenks is one of two fusions performed through the use of the Fusion Dance technique. He, along with Gogeta, the fighter created by Goku and Vegeta using the Fusion Dance, are summoned out of desperation to defeat powerful enemies. In Gotenks' case, his enemy is Majin Buu and later in the saga, he is to be used by Majin Buu as his main power source when Gotenks is absorbed. Gotenks is seen a few times in Dragon Ball Z, and has an appearance in the movies Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn and Dragon Ball Z Wrath of The Dragon. The dance is a special type of fusion ability, a connection through the fusees' fingers. The fusees need to perform a special type of pose, then connect their index fingers evenly to produce a perfect fusion. Gotenks is a fusion taught to Goten and Trunks by Goku, and later trained by Piccolo.

Gotenks by db own universe arts-d3h0g5s

regular gotenks

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