Den-jins are a mysterious race of diamond-like aliens who are very powerful.


Their planet is a beautiful crystal piece of land. The one downfall of this planet is, it doesn't have any food. Den-jins don't eat anything because their teeth are too sensitive to chew anything. They have a very advanced technological system.

Living on the PlanetEdit

Den-jins had first lived on a waste land as slaves, but one Den-jin had changed that. He had defeated the ruler of the Den-jins and took one of his space ships to get away from their Slave planet. The one who had defeated the ruler had combined himself and the spaceship to create a new planet for the Den-jins to live on.

The Race's AbilitiesEdit

  • Can breathe in space
  • Can create and turn anything into diamond
  • Flight-Able to fly
  • Advanced Fighting Skills


  • It's been said to have a total of 400,000,000 Den-jins living on their planet, but in the Wiki Encyclopedia, there are 500,000,000 Den-jins living on the planet.
  • In most comics for the wiki, the Slave Planet is Red, but in some the planet is brown.

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