Daniel Kelanius is a Roman Demigod and is the son of Nona.


Daniel had grown up in New York City. He had lived with his father and had knew a lot of things that a normal person wouldn't know at a young age. For example, he had knew how Humans and Gods reproduced and he also knew every single body part on a Human at the age of 7. He had learned he was a demigod when he was 11, but it remains unknown how he learned he was a demigod. He had moved to Camp Jupiter later that year.


Daniel is a super-perv and he usually spies on Roman females. He is a super-perv even though his mom is the Roman Goddess of Prenancy. He spies on Nude Roman women and has never been caught. Once he was about to spy of a nude Greek Demigod but was summoned by Jupiter. Jupiter had made it illegal for Daniel to spy on nude Greek woman, so Daniel had to stick to spying on Roman females. Daniel also enjoys fighting and training.


  • Spying on Women
  • Fighting
  • Training


  • Knifes
  • Shurikens
  • Spiked Boots
  • Spiked Fists

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