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Baesane is a minor Saiyan who appeared when Planet Vegeta was destroyed, and he was destroyed along with. Baesane appeared at King Yemma's Check-In Station and he was sent to Hell. In an alternate timeline where Planet Vegeta wasn't destroyed, Baesane was absorbed by Frieza and they became Frieza (Baesane Absorbed).


Full Power Energy Wave-An energy blast at full power.

Full Power Energy Barrage Wave-A barrage of energy balls at full power.

Wild Sense-This technique causes you to automatically evade an attack.

Galick Gun-A purple energy wave that inflicts a lot of damage. Vegeta taught Baesane this move


Great Ape-A transformation that any Saiyan with a tail has. This transformation gives the Saiyan the ability to transform into a giant ape, they gain a massive power boost, and some Saiyans can control this transformation.

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