Armied is a half man, half human male. Armied was living a normal life, but he was kidnapped by an unknown scientist. Armied was put into a containment unit for 10 weeks and some of his body parts were converted into a very rare metal and he was given blasters and a built-in power tracker. Armied was finally released and his memory of his former human life was erased. The only thing he was told to do was destroy. Armied was told to kill, and absorb Iron Man. He almost succeded but James Rhodes had came in and save Iron Man. Armied was then put back in the containment unit for a week and was reprogrammed to destroy every Iron Man armor ever made. Tony Stark had got his Iron Man armors and made an army to take on Armied, and Armied was defeated.


Armied was basically made to destroy. I made him to be a basic killing machine with no memory of his previous human life. My big brother told me about nightmares he used to have about this crazy robot, but he got over his fears. This inspired me to make Armied, the Killing Machine.


  • Armied's name is a pun of Army
  • Armied is the only robot I was inspired to create
  • It is rumored that Armied will appear in a movie I'm making for the wiki.
  • Armied eats, and strictly eats Computer Parts

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